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Custom Cookies

Some multi-language sites can use IP or cookie to detect a language and currency. So, currency of products which we parsed by Affiliate Egg can depend on IP of your server. It's very often that you have a server in another country.
Such sites require additional settings if you want to change a currency.

How to configure a currency of a multi currency site

1.Open a FireFox browser. Go to the shop and choose the proper language, country and currency.
2. Click on Ctrl + Shift + E, to open a FireFox console.
3. Click F5 to reload the page
4. Click on Network Tab of FireFox and click on top Url in the left window. Find the section Header -> Request headers -> Cookies in the right window. Click on Cookie variable and copy the whole string.
5. Go to Affiliate Egg -> Settings -> Custom Cookies and save Cookies for the shop which you want to change