Just copy a shortcode and insert it in the post to display the storefront.
Also, there is a button “Add storefront” in a visual editor of the post.
Also, you can divide each storefront to several parts, for example:
[affegg id=10 next=3]
It shows first 3 products from the storefront. If you insert this code in the post and then insert the same code again
[affegg id=10 next=3]
you will see next 3 products from the storefront.
You can also use a parameter limit to limit number of products.
Another parameter offset is use to show products from specific number.
An example:
[affegg id=10 offset=5 limit=3]
It will show 3 products and will make left first 5 products.
You can also sort products, use order=<field>, for example:
[affegg id=10 order=price]
It will sort products by price.
This will sort products by price in the reverse mode:
[affegg id=10 order="price desc"]
Fields of sorting: 'title', 'price', 'manufacturer', 'in_stock', 'create_date', 'last_update', 'last_in_stock', 'shop_id'.
Also, you can use the random mode:
[affegg id=10 order=rand]