Deeplink settings

Deeplink is a special mechanism that allows you to make an affiliate link from the direct product link. This allows affiliate programs to track clicks and charge you with a commission for sales.

Usually affiliate networks use two type of affiliate links. Let's see on examples.

This affiliate link consists of two parts. Directly deeplink of affiliate program:

And the encoded product URL:

The encoded URL always starts from http%3A%2F%2F (or from https%3A%2F%2F)

So your Deepllink setting should be like:{{url_encoded}}

{{url_encoded}} will be replaced with an encoded product link..

This is an affiliate link to the product from amazon. It consists of two parts.

The product link:

The parameter in a URL with the affiliate ID:


So your setting in a module should be like:


{{url}} will be replaced with a product URL.

But we recommend you to set it missing {{url}} part:

Using this format, the parameter with the affiliate ID will be always correctly added to any URL.

  1. Generate the link to any page of the store in the panel of the affiliate network.

  2. Looking to the link identify the using type of tracking: Deeplink or Affiliate link.

  3. Delete a needless part - a product URL ({{url}} or {{encoded_url}}) from link.

  4. Set the setting in the module.

  5. Check your links. Be sure when you click on the link the need page is opening. After some time clicks should be taken into account in the partner network panel.

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